Sunday, September 13, 2009

AZ at risk with no budget from GOP for months

AZ Senate Pres. Bob Burns, Gov. Brewer & GOP have failed Arizona.

PHOENIX -- Monday will be the 76th day of fiscal year 2010 with still no state budget in place, and it's looking like that measure of delay will go a lot higher. The entire state is suffering due the inability of Republicans, who control the legislature and governor's office, to agree and finish a balanced budget.

Saturday night at the UA-NAU game a member the legislative majority (GOP) leadership told me it 'will be a while, maybe a long time' before we return in special session to solve the budget. It may not even happen this year.

The state is at greater economic risk with no budget in place and it is irresponsible to let this continue to drag on. As an independent-minded Democratic State Representative from Tucson, I remain ready and willing to do the hard work and compromise to balance Arizona's budget in a fair way for our people.

Read the details of some budget compromise proposals from the House Democratic Caucus.

The GOP's months long delay without a balanced budget in place is a reckless new precedent for Arizona. Watch for more expensive overdue legislative sessions in 2010 and beyond.


Anonymous said...

I put together this little website... hoping it will be useful to people living in states with budget issues. Arizona has some pretty modest spending levels...
Keep up the good work!

Abraham Foxx said...

The fundamental problem is that the budget cannot be cut anymore in order to eliminate the deficit. There is no where left to cut. The solution that is obvious to the rest of us is that revenue needs to be increased. This is a solution that the Republicans in general cannot agree to. They don't want to go back to the ultra-conservative element that they believe elected them with a tax increase. They are worried about their office; and would rather watch the State suffer their vanity.

Yours Truly
Abraham Foxx