Friday, September 04, 2009

Verizon/Alltel on wrong side of labor & coal issues

Verizon/Alltel should hang up on Massey.

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BASKING RIDGE NJ -- Why is Verizon/Alltel Wireless backing Don Blankenship, chairman, CEO and president of Massey Energy, one of the largest coal companies in America and one of the driving forces behind the devastation of America's lands known as mountaintop removal coal mining?

Verizon has joined with Massey Energy to promote an anti-labor, anti-environment rally in West Virginia on Labor Day.

Read more and let Verizon/Alltel know how you feel.

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Eli Blake said...

This surprises you? This is a match made, well (not in heaven.)

Massey is probably still in a bad mood regarding the Caperton case. The Supreme Court just ruled a couple of months ago that they can't just buy the judge to get a favorable ruling in court, so what's a big, unethical company with a lot of money to do anymore? I guess destroying the environment and beating up on the union will have to satisfy them for the moment.

Meanwhile, Verizon has a history of right wing political activism (remember a few years ago when they tried to censor NARAL?)

Verizon also rolled over and gave the Bush-era domestic spies all the information they asked for about their customers, no warrant needed. In an October 2007 letter Verizon admitted turning over information on nearly 100,000 customers, some without a warrant.

It's not hard at all to imagine this pair of corporate multiple offenders from teaming up, not hard at all.