Friday, October 16, 2009

Rs plan 15% more AZ cuts, ignore high foreclosures

Still bad and Republican lawmakers haven't helped at the Capitol.

BREAKING: State of Arizona details proposed new 15% cuts to departments, universities, etc. due to Gov. Brewer & Republicans failure to pass fair budget. See also: AZRepublic; AZDailyStar Better budget options at

TUCSON -- Pima County continues to be hit hard by home foreclosures with 1480 last month.

It's unacceptable out-of-touch GOP state legislators haven't cooperated to hear or help pass my HB2601, and other Democratic sponsored bills that would offer people relief.

HB2601, which will be re-introduced in January 2010, would:

· Grant immediate (60 day) relief to residential homeowners, who are in foreclosure and in danger of losing their home.

· The bill requires the owner to submit a signed, sworn and notarized affidavit to the trustee in order to postpone a sale.

· During the postponement period, the owner is granted the opportunity to negotiate a revised payment of the loan.

· Additionally, it encourages the lender and owner to make efforts to arrive at revised loan terms.

· If the owner makes timely monthly payments under this scenario, the sale may be postponed for up to one year; otherwise the sale can be rescheduled by the trustee.

The act is temporary.

More on Arizona's foreclosure crisis.

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