Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Brewer backs big coal utilities, using CAP for cover

Same old Brewer, same old pollution.

PHOENIX -- Gov. Jan Brewer (R-Glendale) is unwisely fighting against upgrading an old Salt River Project/Arizona Public Service/Tucson Electric Power coal plant near Page AZ. She is opposing pollution equipment upgrades to help improve air quality over the Grand Canyon and Colorado Plateau.

Brewer, who is not known for being a friend to Arizona's environment, claims cleaning up the dirty old coal plant would harm the Central Arizona Project (CAP), which gets power from it to pump water from the lower Colorado River uphill to Phoenix, Pinal County and Tucson.

Her CAP worry claim is suspect because this summer Brewer signed legislation to raid $14M in CAP water banking funds, forcing CAP to sue her and State Treasurer Dean Martin (R-Phoenix).

Looks like Brewer is really fighting for dirty coal and big utility corporations then trying to allege CAP concerns as political cover. Her stated CAP concern rings hollow.

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Luke said...

The power plant (seems like you don't even know its name) is the Navajo Generating Station. It's already been upgraded several times and is state of the art. The problem is legislation requiring upgrades every time new upgrade technology comes available. It's too expensive. Forcing the upgrade could in effect, close the plant completely. But then, maybe that's YOUR agenda.