Thursday, November 12, 2009

Considering AZ legislative special session & beyond

Arizona State Capitol, PHX

TUCSON -- As I'm considering the likely Nov 18 legislative special session and the bills we'll probably vote on -- agency 'fix', Science Foundation AZ $18.5M funding, $500M 'cut only' budget change -- I also think of the frustrating bad situation we're now stuck in.

My friend veteran lawmaker AZ Rep. David Bradley (Tucson-LD28) has an important recent op-ed,
'State leaders must act fast to avoid Titanic-like disaster,' we should all read and consider.

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Eli Blake said...

It'd be a lot easier to swallow the budget cuts if the legislative leadership wasn't always trying to package in a tax cut.

If your bills are more than your income, the last thing you do is reduce your income.