Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Rs may rush 4th special session to cut $500M more

How will Speaker Adams try to run special session?

PHOENIX -- Word is getting around that Gov. Jan Brewer (R) will likely call legislators back for a 4th special session of the 49th Arizona Legislature on or around Nov 17.

A Republican legislator told me today the majority leadership's deal with Brewer will likely pursue about $500M+ in big new mid-year budget cuts, primarily aimed at schools and DES. They may also ask lawmakers to agree to waive legislative rules, and rush a full vote on complicated large budget cuts in one day, instead of the required three days.

I'm not sure I'll support waiving the rules, unless perhaps it is negotiated as part of a fair bipartisan budget deal with the Rs. A bipartisan agreement is what Arizona needs, but frustratingly, it seems unlikely right now since GOP lawmakers are still going it alone and not working with Dems, even after 10 months of their failed unilateral strategy.

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Eli Blake said...

All I have to say about that is that a lot of parents are already seething about the cuts and elimination of school programs and teachers that were benefitting their kids. I'm sure a wheelbarrow full of new cuts isn't going to make them any less furious.

Heck, just look at last night's school override and bond results. I read this morning that there was only one district out of 28 where it failed (and there were some other issues there,) and in most it passed by a wide margin. Given that the trend just a couple of years ago was that most school bonds failed or barely passed, that should tell you a lot about how people are feeling right there.

I'm a parent and I vote!