Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2009 getting even more 'special' at AZ Capitol

Some dark days for Arizona.

Sat Dec 19, Fri Dec 18 & Thu Dec 17: Special Session updates @RepPatterson on twitter.

PHOENIX -- The Guv is set to call us back to the Capitol at 9am Thursday morning.

After another year of failures, the Republican Guv and legislative majority bosses will try to rush at least 3 bad budget 'non-solutions':

-- An unwise and flawed sales tax increase.

-- Tampering with voter approved protections.

-- More giant cuts to needed public services.

Brewer, Adams & Burns have Arizona lost on the wrong track. I predict the House Democratic Caucus will not join them or go along quietly.

This will be the 5th special session of the legislature in 2009. I'll keep up the fight for the people and middle-class families of Tucson's LD29 and Arizona, as I have been all year.

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