Thursday, December 03, 2009

Sierrita Mtns.; AZ Leg. Forum Dec 7 in Tucson 29

Sierrita Mtns., a lower Sky Island range in SoAZ.

TUCSON -- I've been very busy with State Rep. duties, work, family and hunt, so have been away some. Please read some of my recent quick updates and links from the Arizona Legislature and PEER on twitter.

Please visit our Legislative Advocacy Forum on Monday Dec 7 with me and other lawmakers and experts; 6:30-8p at the Eckstrom-Columbus branch library, 4350 E. 22nd St., Tucson, in my LD29.

The Sierrita Mountains southwest of Tucson are rather nice, we were pleased to find over the last week, especially on the north side with grass, many big oaks, junipers, mesquite and saguaros. But there were also too many cows and some severe overgrazing in some areas on your AZ State Lands.


Eli Blake said...

OK, maybe you can help me figure this out.

As a resident of Navajo County I was surprised to get a big glossy brochure from Rosemont Copper about their proposed mine near Tucson.

I called them and left a message about why I was getting this, and is there some impact on Navajo County. Several days later I got a recorded callback from a guy who told me that 'it will create jobs in the state' and didn't say anything about how Navajo County has anything to do with it and referred me to their web site.

I went to the website and found it very uninformative.

Are they planning to tap into our water (I live over the only aquifer in Arizona that is sustainable at present rates of use) or is there some other impact that they were required to send out these brochures but won't say what it is?


DRP said...

These speculators are not required to do this, but they're trying to hype up their issue statewide.

Foreign-owned Augusta's (aka Rosemont) proposal is widely hated in SoAZ.

A big part of the strong public opposition is over the massive amount of good groundwater Augusta wants from the Tucson basin, and permanent damage to the scenic Santa Rita Mtns, Coronado National Forest and other public lands.

Larry Hogue said...

OT: Great job on NPR this morning, Daniel!


Eli Blake said...

Well, thanks for the info. Their recorded message suggested there would be some unspecified impact on our county, but even if there is not I don't want it in Arizona either.

I'm not sure why they wasted the postage to send me something though, I'm a pretty consistent environmentalist. I talked to my county supervisor about it and it was the first he'd heard about it.