Thursday, January 14, 2010

Arizona united against predatory payday loans

Tobin on the wrong side, again.

UPDATE: News release

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX -- Rep. Andy Tobin (R-LD1-Paulden) has introduced a bill that would repeal the July 1, 2010 payday loan sunset date and perpetuate 400% interest rate payday loans indefinitely. His bill, HB 2161, was introduced in the middle of the night, and currently lacks any co-sponsors. Tobin is a key part of House Republican leadership as the majority whip.

from left: Sen. C. Gray, Rep. Patterson, Sen. McCune Davis, Sen. Garcia, Rep. Goodale at bipartisan press conference today.
"Rep. Tobin's bill doesn't respect the will of Arizona voters," said Rep. Daniel Patterson. "Arizonans said loud and clear they don't want predatory payday loans crippling Arizona's families and making tough times even tougher. As elected leaders, we should respect voters' decisions, and in this case they wisely want the sun to set on payday loans."

Just as 1.3 million Arizona voters rejected the payday industry’s attempt to remove this sunset with Prop 200 in 2008, the community comes together again to say: “Let the Sun Set on 400%!”

What: Press Conference to Show Broad Community Opposition to Continuation of Payday Lending in Arizona
Where: Arizona State Capitol — Senate Lawn
When: Thursday, January 14th, 12:00 pm

Speakers*: Sen. Debbie McCune Davis (D–LD14-Phoenix)
Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Gray (R–LD19-Mesa)
Rep. Daniel Patterson (D–LD29-Tucson)
Rep. Doris Goodale (R–LD3-Kingman)
Rep. Frank Antenori (R–LD30-Tucson)
AARP Arizona
Kathy Jorgensen, Society of St. Vincent de Paul
* List in formation

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