Saturday, February 06, 2010

Support HB2633 Arizona Bikes Safe Yield Act

Rep. Patterson outside Arizona Capitol.

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX -- Arizona cyclists and others who care about transportation should support Rep. Doug Quelland's bipartisan HB2633 Arizona Bikes Safe Yield Act.

This smart and fair bill will help improve conditions for cycling in Arizona, while ensuring safety. Idaho has had this law for years and it works well.

Please contact members of the House Transportation Committee soon in support of HB2633; request a hearing on HB2633 and ask them to please vote yes.

Call 800.352.8404 free to reach all Reps.

Rep. Andy Biggs, Chairman,
Rep. Frank Antenori, Vice-Chairman,
Rep. Judy Burges,
Rep. Steve Farley,
Rep. David Gowan,
Rep. Nancy McLain,
Rep. Eric Meyer,
Rep. Rae Waters,

More on HB2633 here.