Monday, March 15, 2010

AZ eco updates: Jaguar, open range & forest fees

'Open range' is dangerous in modern Arizona.

TUCSON -- The Arizona Game & Fish Dept. has supposedly disciplined someone for the reckless killing of Macho B last year, perhaps the last Jaguar living in Arizona. The problem is AZGFD won't say who, continuing to handle this controversy terribly. People have a right to know. I and other lawmakers are looking at ways to force out-of-touch AZGFD to release this important information soon.

The Sierra Vista Herald has an article today on my bill to reform Arizona's antiquated 'open range' laws so as to better protect public safety and private property. This bill won't pass this year, but we'll get it done in the future.

Finally, Obama's US Forest Service and Dept. of Justice have so far failed to take a more fair look at excessive public lands fees, such as the $5 per trip tax to remote undeveloped parts of the Santa Catalina Range on the Coronado National Forest near Tucson. The Obama administration seemingly has the same unacceptable 'stick it to the people' position as Bush. Read the article from yesterday's Arizona Daily Star. Visit the No Fee Coalition for more info. Congress must act soon to end the Forest Service's HIRA-fee scam.

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