Thursday, March 18, 2010

Brewer signs worst budget in history of Arizona

Arizona's families harmed again by callous Republicans at the Capitol.

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX -- Gov. Jan Brewer (R-Glendale) today signed the harmful Republican budget as she continues to recklessly force Arizona down the wrong track.

The bad Arizona GOP budget is the worst budget in state history, gutting schools, jeopardizing public safety, ending healthcare for 420,000 people, losing $2B+ in US funding, harming the environment and shifting $124M+ in costs to local governments, which will force unfair tax hikes on the middle class.

Yesterday, Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard asked a very simple question. Would Brewer join him in opposing the transfer of money from a higher sales tax to an across-the-board tax giveaway to corporations and the rich?

Brewer has still not answered.

Attorney General Goddard is doing his job and he encourages the Governor to do hers. Today, she signed a budget that was due last June. She has left Arizonans with but one false choice to partially fund important community services, asking us to vote for an 18% sales tax hike, while ignoring other options like closing outrageous tax loopholes that only benefit the rich and large corporations. And, apparently, Brewer is unwilling to stand up against corporate tax giveaways that would turn any additional sales tax revenues into a shell game.

Republicans have controlled Arizona for over 40 years, much too long, doing far too much damage as they fail to listen to the people.

Republicans have failed to lead and they are wrecking our great state. They need to be removed from power in Arizona.

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