Saturday, March 20, 2010

Reckless Brewer & Rs end kid's healthcare in AZ

Mean and extreme: Republicans Burns, Brewer & Adams

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX -- Gov. Jan Brewer and legislative Republicans have made Arizona the first state to end children's health insurance.

Republicans also want to hit Arizona's poor and middle class families with an unfair 18% increase of our already high and regressive sales tax, as part of their latest one-sided 'plan' that won't work.

And after raising the sales tax on the poor and middle class, Brewer and GOP lawmakers also want to give a billion dollars in new tax cuts to corporations and the rich.

Republicans have controlled Arizona for over 40 years, much too long, doing far too much damage as they fail to listen or care for the people.

Republicans have failed to lead and they are wrecking our great state. People, to save Arizona, we must boot these failures in November.

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