Friday, April 30, 2010

Good news: 49th AZ Legislature adjourns sine die

Nighttime at the capitol.

UPDATE, Fri. Apr 30: After 2 years, Republicans still pushing Arizona down the wrong track.

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX -- Arizona's 49th Legislature adjourned our 2nd regular session sine die at 11:07pm Thursday night.

I've worked hard to represent Tucson's LD29 well at the capitol. I've done a lot of good, and made some mistakes. I've listened, learned and lead. I'll be very happy to be back home full-time in Tucson very soon. With your continued support, I'll be back at the capitol in 2011 for the long haul.

Given how badly most things have been going in the legislature for the public interest, adjournment is good news.

There is an old saying in Arizona, "when the legislature is in session, no one is safe." Republicans have controlled the capitol for 44 years and have our state heading dangerously down the wrong track. It's time for a change. Vote Democratic in November for a stronger Arizona.

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