Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My quick takes on AZ Prop 100 sales tax hike

Brewer & GOP failed to lead and pushed biggest cuts to schools, healthcare & public safety in state history. Vote them out in Nov.

UPDATE, May 20: I thank all who worked on AZ Prop100 for trying to help our state despite big GOP failures & their flawed revenue option offered. (from @RepPatterson on twitter)

TUCSON -- In the State House I voted against referring Prop 100 to ballot, instead preferring a real budget solution, such as what I and House Democrats offered. I stand by that vote.

People want to help AZ, but don't necessarily like Jan Brewer or AZ Republicans, or see sales tax increases as best option, but it is all they could do right now. I respect the decision of voters.

Below I offer some other quick takes on Arizona Prop. 100, quotes from @RepPatterson on twitter and

AZ sales tax hike & Prop 100 passage nothing to cheer about, says Mark Evans of He's right.

Sales tax now 9%+ in Tucson/Pima, 10%+ elsewhere in AZ, hurting mid-class & poor as Brewer & Rs favor tax breaks to corpos & rich.

People try to help AZ kids hurt by Brewer & Rs worst school cuts ever. Brewer/Rs won't work w Ds for real budget/econ solutions.

Arizonans want a better state, so we need to vote out Brewer & Rs who made devastating cuts to schools, healthcare & public safety.

AZ needs new revenue, but Prop100 sales tax not solution. Brewer & Rs failed to pass fair balanced budget. More big cuts coming.

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