Monday, May 31, 2010

Obama & leaders must punish Israel for killings

UPDATE, June 1: Obama administration sounds kinda like GW Bush as it blocks international investigation of Israeli government in Gaza flotilla killings, criticizes activists.

Israel has imprisoned hundreds of Freedom Flotilla activists, including many Americans, and is not allowing them outside communications. Where is President Obama on Israel's outrageous violation of human rights?

S.E. MEDITERRANEAN SEA (May 31) -- The Israeli military has shot and killed at least 9-19 humanitarian activists and wounded more as commandos stormed the Turkish ship Mavi Marmara and others in the Freedom Flotilla this morning in international waters.

Turkey is a critical long-time US ally in the middle-east.

The civilians were on safe customs-inspected boats bound from Antalya, Turkey, carrying hundreds on their way to bring humanitarian aid to the very poor and needy people Israel has blockaded on the Gaza Strip near the Egyptian border.

I and millions worldwide are outraged against Israel's military attack on civilian humanitarians in international waters. These killings are a big blow to peace efforts in the middle-east.

President Obama and other world leaders should swiftly and strongly punish Israel for their unjust aggression and unnecessary killings. It seems Israel must be forced to become part of a peaceful solution with their neighbors, and likely only the US can do that.


don eduardo in the desert said...

IHH, the Turkish group that sponsored the flotilla is an organization with dual identities. Its humanitarian efforts, while real, provide a convenient public relations "front" for it efforts in support of various radical Islamic terrorist organizations, including Al Qaeda. The rush to condemn Israel for this most recent action without thorough examination of the IHH indicates the growing trend and awareness that anti-Zionism is the new anti-Semitism.

DRP said...

'Don' -- There is no credible link to terrorism from this humanitarian flotilla, which sailed under the flag of critical US ally Turkey.

With all due respect, it is very weak for pro-Israeli gov't voices to keep saying criticism of the Israeli gov't is anti-Semitism. That is simply wrong and ignores the many Jewish & Israeli voices against Israeli gov't aggression. Criticism here of bad mistakes made by a gov't is hardly related to racism against a people.

I oppose anti-Semitism and racism, and I support fighting terrorism, including by governments.