Friday, June 11, 2010

Human excess harms bears, jaguars & AZ wildlife

UPDATE, 6pm: AZGFD kills mountain lion in area southeast of Prescott where man claimed problem, state not sure if right animal shot.

TUCSON -- Bears are in trouble in southern Arizona, and several have recently been killed by the Arizona Game & Fish Dept.

From June 9 Arizona Day Star article: A Tucson legislator, Rep. Daniel Patterson, said he is concerned the department is acting out of fear of liability for damages caused by bears.

"Wildlife should be managed based what is good for wildlife, not lawyers and liability," said Patterson, adding that he may try to get the Legislature try to weaken some of the current law's liability provisions.

Endangered Jaguars are at even greater risk. Watch this short video by Stephanie Maya Hamill of Arizona Capitol TV, including footage of the Earth Day 2010 Jaguar bike ride at the capitol.

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