Friday, June 04, 2010

Hot weather tips for summer in Arizona desert

June heat is on in the Sonoran Desert.

TUCSON -- The hottest weather of summer is starting today. If you are new to the southwestern deserts, or just dread hot summer days here, try these simple steps to improve your hot season quality of life.

1. Drink a lot of water, at least a gallon a day, with ice is good. Beer does not count as water.

2. Eat more cold and lighter foods.

3. Enjoy late nights and the cooler early AM.

4. Try to stay out of the direct sun from 10a-4p each day. This is the burn time. If you cannot, wear a good full brim hat and stay wet with cool water.

5. Wear light cool clothes that block the sun.

6. Park your vehicle in the shade whenever you can.

7. If you are really too hot in your house, go outside in the shade and hose down with cool water. Get in the pool if you are lucky enough to have one, or go to a public pool.

8. Get up in high in the mountains, such as Mt. Lemmon in the Santa Catalina Range.

9. Try to use an outdoor stove/oven or solar oven to avoid heating up your house.

10. Live with it and pray for a strong, early and long monsoon.

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