Sunday, June 06, 2010

Lakers v. Celtics finals likely to go 7 games; LA wins

Shannon Brown from MSU will help lift LA over Boston.

TUCSON -- The Lakers and Celtics meet again today in LA. I'm pulling for the Lakers.

Since the days of Magic, Kareem and Bird, I've always rooted for the Lakers over the Celtics.

I cheered for the PHX Suns these playoffs. The west is the best. It would look better for Los Suns for LA to win the championship, perhaps allowing Suns fans to argue they were the 2nd best team this year.

I pick LA as I've long been a big Laker fan. Plus they have the best player in basketball, Kobe Bryant, which makes it hard to lose, and Shannon Brown, taught by coach Tom Izzo at my alma mater Michigan State, is a rising star on the Laker team.

The Lakers will likely win today, but Boston is good and tough. This series will probably go to 7 games, with LA taking the trophy at home. The team with the overall best defense will win. Watch out if the Celtics steal a win in LA.

Go Lakers!

Go Suns 2011!

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