Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rs lost on S1070, now let's fix AZ image & economy

Mesa Republican Russell Pearce keeps hurting Arizona.

TUCSON -- Now that Guv Brewer and the Republicans have lost on SB1070, we must get past election year grandstanding and start to fix the damage they've caused to Arizona's image and economy.

SB1070 is not a solution to real immigration problems in Arizona.

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brandon said...

"All comments have to be approved by the blog author" Is that why there are no comments? R's did not "lose" anything. Look up the word preliminary injunction. The sections are put on hold, not blocked. She did this because the law was set to take effect before the courts had a chance to really hear everything out. With a law like itself, it wouldn't make sense to let it go into effect with the possibility of it later being changed, so she only let go into effect what was obviously constitutional.