Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Tucson #1 clean energy city, high growth potential

Companies like Solon AG in Tucson's LD29 help strengthen our economy.

TUCSON -- Arizona needs some good economic news, and we got some today.

Business Facilities magazine picks Tucson as the top alternative energy industry leader metro area in the US.

This category ranks the top 10 metros in overall leadership in alternative energy manufacturing, growth strategy and development of renewable energy. The magazine considers the Alternative Energy Industry Leaders ranking one of its most important “flagship” categories. Editors considered overall economic development strategy and growth potential as well as new project activity to determine its flagship ranking of alternative energy leaders.

“There were many worthy competitors for the top position in our first annual Alternative Energy Industry Leaders metro ranking, but Tucson was head-and-shoulders above everyone else,” said Business Facilities Editor-in-Chief Jack Rogers. Tucson, a global leader in solar energy manufacturing, earned the top spot with a highly coordinated strategy that brings together industry, higher education, effective incentives and sensible regulation, Rogers said.

“In addition to Tucson’s well-earned reputation as The Solar City, we were really impressed with this region’s intelligent approach to maximizing its resources,” Rogers said. “An aggressive and innovative economic development strategy combined with unlimited growth potential made this an easy choice.” Read the full article

As a Tucson community leader and State Representative, I'm proud to have worked for many years to support clean energy jobs, economic development and leadership in Tucson.

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