Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Goddard fights fraud to protect AZ's middle class

Terry Goddard leads in fighting fraud and scams. Vote Goddard for AZ Governor.

PHOENIX -- Later today, Jan Brewer will mislead voters again, suggesting that she has somehow had something to do with preventing fraud at the gas pump. AG Terry Goddard specifically warned consumers about the dangers of gasoline pump skimmers back in July. It is unclear whether any of Jan Brewer's "work" on that front has had any effect.

Overall, when it comes to protecting consumers, Terry Goddard beat her to punch - years ago. For the nearly eight years he has served as Arizona's Attorney General, Goddard has been the leader in protecting consumers from a variety of fraudulent acts, and has a string of high-profile convictions and successful legal actions to show for it. Among the achievements:
  • Reached a $1 million price accuracy settlement with Wal-Mart, the nation's largest retailer. Wal-Mart agreed to establish a rigorous price inspection and monitoring system to ensure that its customers have access to accurate and clearly posted prices.
  • Prosecuted operators of fraudulent foreclosure rescue businesses that have victimized hundreds of Arizona homeowners. Through criminal prosecutions and consumer fraud lawsuits, the Office stopped rip-off artists who charged consumers large upfront fees and claimed they could modify their mortgage terms and prevent foreclosure, yet provided no such assistance.
  • Filed several major lawsuits and settlements to stop deceptive marketing or advertising. These included a multi-state settlement with Countrywide Financial Corporation with a potential value of nearly $8 billion, relating to the company's use of deceptive mortgage lending practices, and multi-million-dollar settlements with some of the world's biggest drug companies.
In the last year alone, the Office processed some 11,400 consumer complaints and has filed dozens of civil and criminal cases. Also this year, Terry Goddard received the President's Award from the Arizona Community Action Association for his work protecting consumers in Arizona.

Brewer holds news conferences taking credit for the work of others. Attorney General Goddard takes action to protect Arizona consumers.


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