Monday, September 20, 2010

Reckless economic agenda shows Rs out of touch

Democrats on your side to help jobs & economy.

UPDATE, Tue. Sep 21: Rs now control AZ legislature. 68% of voters disapprove Rs handling of budget & taxes; 66% say leg. has wrong priorities (ASU poll). I agree. Vote Democratic. (from @RepPatterson on twitter)

TUCSON -- A new poll from NYT/CBS reveals deep distrust of Republicans' ability to help the middle class and small businesses or solve America's economic problems.

· Solving America's problems. More than seven out of 10 Americans think Republicans have no clear plan to solve America's economic problems.

· Helping the middle class. By a 22-point margin, Americans trust Democrats will support the middle class more than Republicans (55 percent to 33 percent).

· Supporting small businesses. Americans believe Democrats are more likely than Republicans to support small businesses (49 percent vs. 41 percent).

"The radical economic agenda of Republican candidates puts millionaires and corporations that ship jobs overseas ahead of hardworking Arizonans," said Pima County Democratic Party Chair Jeff Rogers. "Republican candidate plans to privatize Social Security, allow corporations to stop paying taxes and create a 23 percent sales tax on groceries, gas and medicine would be devastating for Southern Arizona families."

View the poll.

- adapted from PCDP

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