Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Save Arizona, stop Jan Brewer. Vote D Oct 7-Nov 2

TUCSON -- Stop Jan Brewer before it's too late. Vote Democratic Oct 7-Nov 2.


Andrew said...

Nice production values but the message seems off and too abstract for most voters. I think that the time and money spent on this piece could have been better used by highlighting real problems and showing there is an alternative to the fear mongering that has come to dominate this election. Interesting piece but overall ineffective if you're trying to sway voters.

dovh49 said...

I have no idea how this woman won. People are flipping nuts. There were other candidates that were better than her. I know none of them were that great from a libertarian stand point but even from a true conservative stand point she's really bad. I'm losing faith in the republic/democratic process.