Thursday, October 14, 2010

AZ energy efficiency gains help economy & planet

Big energy efficiency improvements good news for Arizona & Earth

TUCSON -- As an Arizona State Representative working hard for energy solutions, I'm proud to report our state is one of the four most improved in terms of energy efficiency, according to a study released today by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy.

Part of Arizona’s improvement came from implementation of $57 million received from American Recovery and Reinvestment Act aimed at weatherization.

Arizona Corporation Commission rules requiring utilities to reduce energy use by 22 percent by 2020 also made an impact. Arizona is one of 27 states to have adopted energy efficiency programs.

“It’s even better to know that these energy efficiency efforts are going to save our state’s ratepayers billions of dollars, help clean up our air, create jobs and bolster our energy security,” said Kris Mayes, ACC chairwoman, in a statement. “Make no mistake though. We aren’t going to be satisfied with 18th place. Arizona intends to lead the nation when it comes to energy efficiency.”

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