Monday, November 01, 2010

LD29: My good views v. bad GOP opponent, vote Tu

Vote Tue. Nov 2 for Rep. Daniel Patterson

TUCSON -- You need to know about some important big differences between me and my GOP opponent. I'm good, he's not. Arizona LD29 constituents and voters, I ask please for your vote. Find your polling place and thank you for voting!

Read why I'm best for your Rep. here from my twitter and facebook:

I'm on your side working hard 4 middle class; no tax hikes. GOP opponent would serve greedy Phx bosses, cutting schools, hurting jobs & econ.

I scored 100% A+ for political courage on Project Vote Smart test. My GOP opponent got zero for no courage.

I support science, compassion & AZ med. marijuana Prop 203 protecting seriously ill patients from arrest & jail, my GOP opponent does not.

I support public schools. My GOP opponent doesn't & wants to give taxpayer money to private religious schools.

I support UA, ASU & NAU. GOP opponent would vote w greedy Phx bosses for more bad cuts, pricing out middle class.

I support women's rights. My GOP opponent thinks women victims of rape or incest should be forced to have their rapist's baby.

I'm backed by police & sheriffs, teachers, firefighters, Latinas, nurses & labor. GOP opponent is not; too out-of-touch, radical & dishonest.

Enjoyed important AZ health forum Wed eve @ UA, my GOP opponent was no-show. Mtg 2day w biz leaders on my goal of strong SoAZ caucus @ leg.

I'm endorsed again by AZ Daily Star. I'm working hard 4 forgotten middle class 2 put AZ back on track. GOP opponent can't be trusted.

I support AZ's independent judiciary. My GOP opponent doesn't & wants politicians to appoint activist judges.

I'm on your side working hard 4 kids, seniors & all; no tax hikes. GOP opponent lies, would serve corrupt Phx bosses, hurting schools & jobs.

Vote Daniel Patterson Please keep an eye on our twitter & facebook for more info as the Nov 2 election fast approaches. Thanks.

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