Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Brewer's AZ ranks 48 for bad state management

'I have did mismangement'

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX -- An independent analysis by financial news site 24/7 Wall St. has ranked Arizona 48th on its list of the most well-run states in the country. Arizona under Guv Jan Brewer (R) managed to not finish last, or even next-to-last. Instead, the state was third runner down, and Mississippi beat Arizona this time.

"Our writers looked at hundreds of data sets ranging from debt rating agency reports to violent crime rates, unemployment trends and median income... Arizona, showing up near the end of our rankings, suffers most severely from its poor S&P rating of AA-, which is second only to California, and the fact that between 2006 and 2009, occupied home prices dropped 20.6%. Aside from these two points the state does not have particularly low standing in any category. It ranks so low because of its poor ratings in all categories," the report cited in detail.

"Jan Brewer's failed leadership has been well-documented, but this report is an indictment of her inability to manage Arizona," said Attorney General and Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry Goddard. "We don't need an independent analysis to tell us that our State is facing an economic crisis and that Gov. Brewer's approach to solving it-holding a few meetings, and sprinkling out federal stimulus dollars-is a pathetic response."

"Jan Brewer has failed to balance the budget, she has failed to attract new jobs, she has failed to secure our prisons, she has devastated Arizona's tourism industry, and now she is planning even more drastic cuts to our schools," Goddard continued. "The ultimate message of this latest report is clear: Jan Brewer has failed to do the job, and it is time to elect someone who can."

Read the complete 24/7 Wall St. report on management of the 50 states here.

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zebra said...

Completely understandable. She continues to waste millions on her pet boondoggles (Arizona Centennial Museum and Centennial Way) during the financial crisis. She cannot be trusted with our money.

Anonymous said...

Brewer’s cuts to our failing school system will have huge consequences in the long run. Her consistent failures with balancing our budge would lead one to believe that her support has subsided. She continues to soak up support from SB 1070 and thrives off that rather than really looking at our issues. Our school system is in one of its worse states and to cut the budget now will put many kids behind and undereducated.