Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Election 2010 is on! Vote early in AZ starting Thu.

TUCSON -- Early voting starts tomorrow in Arizona, and I ask for your vote for State Representative in LD29 (downtown, DMAFB, South Tucson, south & southeast sides). Watch our new ads.

Also here are my voting recommendations on some Arizona propositions:

NO on Props 106, 107, 111, 113, 301, 302

YES on Prop 110, 203

Keep an eye here until Nov 2 election day for more election coverage.


R_K said...


Do you have a preference--Yes or No--regarding Proposition 109, the Constitutional amendment that would 'guarantee Arizonans the right to “hunt, fish and harvest wildlife lawfully.'

R_K said...


Do you support Proposition 109? I know you are busy; however, please explain your position on this attempt to amend the Arizona Constitution. To be forthright, I was very surprised that you did not mention 109 in your initial comments within your post but you provided your opinions on voting for 8 of the 10 state propositions.

Thank you.

DRP said...

I am a responsible AZ big game hunter with a B rating from NRA. I did not vote to put this Prop on ballot and I am neutral on it. I want to be sure the AGFD Commission is not weakened.

R_K said...


Thank you for your reply and the time it took from your full schedule.