Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dems defend AZ independent redistricting process

Rep. Chad Campbell (D-Phoenix)

Democrats say hands-off the redistricting process; It’s called “independent” for a reason

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX -- In response to a press conference held today by Republican legislative leaders to protest the list of Independent Redistricting Commission applicants chosen by the Commission on Appellate Court Appointments, incoming House Democratic Leader, Chad Campbell and other lawmakers urged their Republican colleagues to take a hands-off approach.

"Republicans didn't get their ideal list of appointees to choose from and neither did Democrats," Campbell said. "But the whole idea behind an Independent Redistricting Commission is for it to actually be independent."

"The voters created the Independent Redistricting Commission and the point was to remove the politicians and political parties’ control from the process. Now the Republican legislative leaders are trying to interject themselves in to that process because they don't like how it is playing itself out," Campbell said. "This isn't about Republicans and Democrats controlling redistricting. It's about letting a fair and independent process work as it was intended to do."

"It's called independent for a reason. Until it is time for Legislative Leaders to make their appointments, politicians should be hands-off this process," Campbell said.

Each Legislative leader, including Campbell, will be allowed to appoint one Member to the Independent Redistricting Commission from the eligible applicants that are chosen by the Commission on Appellate Court Appointments.

"It's critical to the public interest that Arizona's redistricting process be fair and truly independent, as voters intended. The only way to ensure fairness right now is by keeping partisan politics out of it," said Rep. Daniel Patterson of Tucson.

- adapted from House Dems news release

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