Monday, January 24, 2011

AZ biz leaders want balanced response on budget

Ron Shoopman is President of Southern Arizona Leadership Council

Statewide Business Community Leaders Seek Balanced Response to State’s Fiscal Crisis

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX -- Leaders throughout Arizona’s business community believe that Arizona’s fiscal crisis, specifically the structural deficit, is the most pressing issue facing our State.

It is critical to the future of every family and business in Arizona that our struc­tural deficit is eliminated, and that we align our ongoing spending and ongoing revenues over the long term to avoid continued annual budget deficit scram­bles.

Any solution must position the State for long term growth and a vibrant economy that creates quality jobs for all Arizonans. It must also position Arizona citizens to have the skills necessary for high paying jobs in the 21st century. A solution of only spending cuts or only revenue increases is not in the best long-term in­terest of the State.

State government spends significant dollars in only four areas- K-12 education, universities, healthcare, and corrections- each of which is critical to the success of our State in both the short term and long term. The difficult decisions of where to reduce State spending and where to find the most efficient way to in­crease the State’s revenue must be made.

We look forward to working with the Governor and Legislature in addressing long-term needs of our State to ensure a vibrant economy for all Arizonans.

Southern Arizona Leadership Council
Greater Phoenix Leadership
Flagstaff Forty
Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
East Valley Partnership
Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

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