Sunday, January 09, 2011

POLITICO on Rep Giffords shooting reasons, effects

Get well, Gabby. We're pulling for you.

TUCSON -- This morning POLITICO's Arena moderator David Mark asked US leaders about claims of politicizing the Rep. Gabrielle Giffords shootings and if it will diminish contact between elected officials and the public?

Here is my response:

Most of us in Arizona who worked on the fiery 2010 campaigns here have no doubt the attack against my friend and colleague Rep. Giffords and others was political, at least in part.

I applaud respected veteran Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik's call to end "vitriolic hatred" in politics and political media. We're all Americans and we're all in this together, even when we disagree.

As a very active, visible and accessible Arizona politician, the Jan 8 shootings in my hometown of Tucson will not intimidate me to hide from people, but it will change the way I do public events.

Too many elected officials are already scarce and do little in public, and these shootings will likely make citizen opportunities to meet and talk with them even more rare. Our democracy will suffer, at least for a while.

Rep. Daniel Patterson

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dovh49 said...

From Natural News newsletter:

"I know Giffords personally and spent time with her as part of her first-term election campaign (I lived in her district in Tucson for several years). In no way did she deserve this act of extreme violence carried about by an individual who clearly suffers from mental illness.

The mainstream media immediatly latched onto this story and tried to say the shooter was some sort of anti-government nut. He was a nut alright, who rambled unintelligibly about burning the American flag, sleepwalking through life and being visited by colorful birds sitting on his shoulder.

He was not, however, overtly affiliated with any political part or philosophy. If anything, it seems the guy was too insane to rationally participate in any real political discussion." - Mike Adams

A very sad incidence and I hope the best for the families that were involved in this tragic incidence. I wish more people had guns show they could have stopped this man before he hurt as many people as he did.