Friday, April 15, 2011

GOP craziness scaring visitors away from Arizona

Money going elsewhere: wacky Republicans keep hurting Arizona's image and economy.

UPDATE, Apr. 18: Good news: Gov. Brewer vetoes 'birther' bill.

TUCSON -- Letters I received today:

Rep. Patterson, I recently read your comments on the birther bill. I live in New Mexico and used to travel to Scottsdale in the winter. My family and I stayed in your finest hotels, shopped at your finest stores, bought several cars from Barrett Jackson, bought two cars from the Mercury dealership off of FLW, bought jewlery from Gautier, bought art at galleries and the outdoor shows, and large tent shows. We went to fine dining restaurants while we were there, and because it was so beautiful we almost bought a second home there.

Ever since Arizona went wacko right wing nut, we've never been back. My wife is Hispanic and was insulted by the legislation passed and we decided not to spend our money supporting a racist state, but with all the craziness since that legislation we've decided to never go to Arizona again. We've made Santa Barbara, California our new destination and we love it. Over the years we've put hundreds of thousands of dollars into the economy of Arizona, but because of its insane political ideology we will be supporting the state of California now.

If anyone ever says this type of political ugliness isn't hurting the state, give them this letter. I'm sure I'm not the only person who is boycotting Arizona because of these reasons, but now you have proof. Keep up the good fight. It sounds like you are really trying hard, and Arizona needs you.

Patrick Dalton

Dear Rep. Daniel Patterson: I read a comment that you've made, bemoaning the "Birther" bill just passed by your state legislature. You are very right that such actions have given many of us from other states a negative view of the political climate in Arizona.

My wife and I are approaching retirement age, and Arizona was one of the states we initially considered as a retirement site. However, the extreme political climate in your state, which has received so much publicity in the past couple of years, has caused us to drop Arizona from consideration.

Too bad. I love the desert.

Respectfully yours,
Paul Antokolsky

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