Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pima Dems: 357 new laws by Rs & nothing for jobs

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX -- The Republican Arizona Legislature found time to pass 357 new laws (2011) governing our freedom but not a single one of them is meant to create a job.

Most of these laws take effect this week, as they were rammed through the legislature at the end of the session. With Unemployment in Arizona over 9 percent, the Legislature failed to produce a single jobs bill -- not even a bill that claims to address jobs. Meanwhile, the Associated Press ran a story reporting that Arizona's recovery is lagging behind the rest of the country.

Southern Arizona Republican lawmakers Al Melvin, Terri Proud, Vic Williams, David Gowan, Ted Vogt and Frank Antenori were more than willing to go along with extreme Phoenix agendas that have nothing to do with jobs.

“The Far Right Agenda pushed by the Russel Pearce Republicans seems to be anything but creating jobs,” said Pima County Democratic Party Chair Jeff Rogers. “So long as they have a job, they apparently don't see the crisis.”

The Legislature did pass laws to allow guns on campuses, “birther” legislation and spent time contemplating nullification of federal laws. Lawmakers did suggest that denying people unemployment benefits that they are entitled to, would somehow create jobs.

“We can hear the fiddling but they don't notice the flames,” Rogers said. “The Legislature had the audacity to tell the unemployed to simply ‘get a job,’ while cutting off assistance they desperately need and are supposed to get. The Legislature’s extreme agenda does not mesh with mainstream Arizona values.”

- Pima County Democratic Party news release

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Helping realize progress in downtown Tucson

TUCSON -- Rep. Daniel Patterson (2nd from left), Rep. Saldate, Councilwoman Romero & others help break ground July 14 on new bridge near 'A' Mountain, over the Santa Cruz River at Cushing Street, LD29 & 27. The bridge will link light rail, pedestrians, bikes & cars from downtown to the west side, helping southern Arizona's quality of life, transportation, jobs and economy.