Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Patterson asks AZ to cooperate for new green jobs

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX — Rep. Daniel Patterson, D-Tucson (District 29), has asked Gov. Jan Brewer and Arizona Commerce Authority president and CEO Don Cardon to work with him to develop solar energy and other trade relations with Argentina, an important nation and economy which has opened the door to renewable energy expansion.

Arizona could create more jobs and boost the state's economy by developing a renewable energy relationship with Argentina and thwarting the likelihood of the country's partnering with China.

"Since the establishment of our new Commerce Authority, it is clear that Arizona is placing priority on expanding our business interests across the country and across the globe," Patterson wrote in a October 7 letter to Cardon and Brewer. "China is increasingly targeting projects in countries such as Argentina and Brazil, where China has overtaken the United States as the number-one trade partner. Frankly, China is looking toward the future and we are choosing to continue to do business as usual."

Patterson had the opportunity to meet legislators and economists in Argentina, where they are taking necessary steps to increase renewable energy production.

"With just a small area, we can help power the nation and Arizona with clean solar energy," Patterson said. "These are the kinds of good-paying, green jobs we need right now to move our economy forward instead of letting China run away with it."

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