Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rep. Daniel Patterson in to win re-election for LD3

VOTE DANIEL for stronger Arizona education, jobs and economy.

TUCSON -- I want to let you know that since elected in 2008 I’ve worked with my fellow lawmakers at the State Capitol to address the issues important to southern Arizona families.

I'm proud to say I am running for re-election in 2012 as your Representative for Tucson and Pima County's new Legislative District 3 (downtown, UA, central, south/west/southwest sides, Tucson Mountains & Avra Valley) map.

In these tough times, I am committed to working with everyone to solve Arizona’s problems while building jobs and a stronger economy, protecting kids and education, cleaning up the environment and preserving public safety.

People in new LD3 in Tucson, I ask please for your vote & support.

As your Representative, here are some of the issues I’ve been working on recently:

Helping Kids, Schools and Education
• Fought against massive cuts harming our kids, teachers and neighborhood schools.
• Opposed cuts to early education programs for children who deserve a chance.

Building Jobs and a Stronger Economy
• Pushed for measures to help attract high paying science and technology-related jobs.
• Worked to responsibly balance the state budget without undermining the future of Arizona’s economy.

Sustaining Our Environment, Water and Energy
• Joined forces to defeat a bill that would harm fishing and another bill that would have weakened Arizonans’ voice and property rights in the power line development process.
• Supported tourism and our State Parks by voting no on devastating budget cuts.

Defending Public Safety
• Spoke up against turning over Arizona’s prisons to private, for-profit companies.
• Challenged cuts that would have reduced the number of local law enforcement officers and firefighters on our streets.

Please know I am honored to be serving you and your neighbors. Serving as your Representative in the Arizona Legislature is a privilege and responsibility I take very seriously. To ensure I continue to represent you well, I will keep listening to your priorities for Tucson and Arizona.

We’ll work together to help solve Arizona’s critical issues.

Your input matters and will help me serve you and our community better! I look forward to our continued dialogue as we work to build a better future for Arizona and improve our quality of life.

Thank you,
Representative Daniel Patterson (D-Tucson)

Please follow our campaign:, @RepPatterson & facebook

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