Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rep Patterson statement on 3/13 House Ethics mtg

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX -- Any further investigation, if approved by Speaker Tobin, should not be rushed and must stay within the specific claims made in the Feb 27 complaint. It must respect the constitution and my 'not guilty' due process in the courts. If needed, by March 28 I will again respond to the complaint.

The accuser's order of protection, a main point of the complaint, was dropped Monday by a Tucson court.

The Aug 2010 order from my ex-wife during our divorce, also part of the complaint, was not in effect long before being quashed by a Tucson court. I was never charged with any crime related to these false allegations.

I have always complied with Arizona House Rule 34, Code of Ethics.

I will continue to serve as a hardworking effective lawmaker for my constituents and Tucson, keeping my focus on better jobs, education and the economy.



March 12, 2012

To: Rep. Ted Vogt, Chairman, House Ethics Committee

Mr. Chairman – I vigorously contest the allegations and complaint against me. I am confident I will prevail and my name will be cleared in a court of law. In fact, this morning a court in Tucson dismissed my accuser’s recent protective order against me.

Under committee Rule 14, I need 30 days for my opportunity to respond to the complaint, until April 12, this is due in part to workload and constituent demands during session, my family responsibilities and other job.

If you decide after that you may want to proceed with hearings or further investigation, then I’ll need 45 days for additional response.

I believe this is a reasonable and fair timeframe that, if needed, could still allow resolution in May.

Thank you, Rep. Daniel Patterson, Tucson-LD29

cc: Ethics Committee Members

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