Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tucson voters dissed; Rep. resigns under protest


April 11, 2012

To: Rep. Andy Tobin, Speaker, Arizona House of Representatives

Hon. Speaker Tobin & House Members – With this letter, I reluctantly resign under strong protest.

I have been forced to resign due to the fact that the House has become a very hostile work environment for me. Due to this I am no longer able to serve my constituents in the way they deserve.

I do not agree with the Hobbs complaint, Manning report or the draconian expulsion recommendation of the Ethics Committee.

The unfair Ethics Committee violated House Rules, my constitutional rights to due process, and would not even allow me a real hearing to defend myself and question accusers.

The rights of Arizona voters and constituents in Tucson LD29 have been badly disrespected by the Ethics Committee. The will and decision of voters has been violated again by the House.

It has been an honor and a privilege to have earned the trust of my voters and serve four years in the House.

Rep. Daniel Patterson, Tucson-LD29

Read my op-ed, 4/8/12, Arizona Daily Star

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