Friday, June 22, 2012

Barber votes against environment, health, rights

Rep. Ron Barber (D)

TUCSON -- I'm disappointed and shocked new Congressman Ron Barber's 1st vote in the US House June 19 was to allow feds to waive environmental and public health law anywhere within 100 miles of the border. This legislation is bad for Arizona and our quality of life. It removes rule of law within Barber's entire district.

Rep. Barber’s statement this bad legislation “will make our borders more secure” is refuted by Border Patrol officials and research by the respected Government Accountability Office. Homeland Security officials have repeatedly testified to Congress under oath that environmental laws pose no security threat and the bill is not necessary. In a 2010 report by the GAO, an overwhelming majority of Border Patrol agents interviewed “reported that the overall security status of their jurisdiction is not affected by land management laws.”

I urge Senators to dismiss this devastating big government overreach and ensure the environment, public health, property rights & historic preservation are protected in America’s borderlands. DRP

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