Sunday, June 24, 2012

PEER responds ABQ Journal editorial on Petroglyph

ABQ Mayor Richard Berry (R)

ALBUQUERQUE -- The Journal makes some good points in 'Encourage the Public To Protect Petroglyphs', June 11.

Certainly congress and the public envisioned better conservation management for the rich and fragile Petroglyph National Monument.

Both city and National Park Service bureaucrats share blame for not protecting Petroglyph. Better cooperation is critical. NPS has authority under the enabling act establishing Petroglyph to enforce its laws on city lands in the Boca Negra and Piedras Marcadas units. NPS chooses not to because the city has not consented, but NPS wants a stronger partnership. The city has not agreed.

Petroglyph is the crown jewel of ABQ open space, but the city almost never schedules events, clean ups, etc. for volunteers there. Volunteers are important, but cannot do the job of stronger ranger patrols and consistent conservation management. Petroglyph conservation will happen only if Mayor Berry chooses cooperation to solve the long-time problems there.

We are here to help.

Daniel R. Patterson
Ecologist and Southwest Director
Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)

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