Thursday, October 11, 2012

Daniel's 2012 Arizona Propositions voting recommendations

TUCSON (Sept 27) -- Arizonans will start voting October 11 on nine ballot propositions. Based on my knowledge and experience, here are my recommendations for voting in the public interest. More info may be added here as the election approaches. You may also want to check the AZ SoS voter guide. Also see my candidate picks.
Prop. 114 NEUTRAL but why amend constitution here? Current law is enough. 
Prop. 115 NO to keep politics out of the judiciary.
Prop. 116 YES to help business and jobs.
Prop. 117 NO to keep property taxes fair.
Prop. 118 YES for more reliable school funding from state lands.
Prop. 119 YES to conserve state lands around military bases.
Prop. 120 NO to protect public lands & parks from unconstitutional land-grabs by legislature.
Prop. 121 YES for open primary elections that may support more moderate candidates.
Prop. 204 NEUTRAL Arizona needs more education and infrastructure funding, but our regressive sales tax is already too high and not a stable funding source.
Prop. 409 NO (Tucson only) Untrustworthy city management calls for rejection of this tax increase at this time. Where is the RTA sales tax money to help fix Tucson roads?

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