Saturday, September 28, 2013

Rep. Daniel Patterson may run for Arizona Corporation Commission in 2014

TUCSON, Sept. 19 -- Good people of Arizona, I'm considering a run for Arizona Corporation Commissioner to help our quality of life and serve your interests, not special interests.

As a professional, public servant, organizer and father, I've worked cooperatively for common sense solutions on energy, economic & safety issues in Arizona for 20 years. I'm qualified, dedicated, independent-minded and vindicated. I'm thankful I've been elected and re-elected by Arizonans to represent us at the State Capitol. I served as Ranking Member on the House Energy & Natural Resources Committee, and also on the important Employment & Regulatory Affairs Committee. I worked hard and listened to all, but I always served my constituents first, not special interests or political bosses.

In the too often dysfunctional atmosphere of the Arizona legislature, I faced some politically-motivated false allegations. Legislative rulers rushed to deny me due process, so I chose to resign. But the truth prevailed soon thereafter when I was completely exonerated in a court of law, found 'not guilty' by Judge Wendy Million. The initial allegations, by a woman I love who has struggled with mental illness, were quickly recanted and she supports me today. I made some mistakes, learned some important lessons, and I've grown stronger. I'm also proud of my positive, proven strong record for the public interest and us common Arizonans. I've been vindicated and I am ready to serve you again.

The current Corporation Commission is out-of-touch with the needs of real people, having all five Commissioners from the same wing of the same political party. I respectfully ask for your support and vote for Arizona Corporation Commissioner in 2014, if I decide to run. I value and welcome your views. Please feel free to contact me at 520.906.2159 or

With thanks and respect,
Daniel Patterson

Friday, September 27, 2013

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