Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My view on AZ Gov. Brewer's State of the State: Capture of CPS to Gov's office, ending confirmation process

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX -- Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's embarrassment at Child Protective Services’ failure is understandable, as is her desire to change the agency. I wish her good luck.

She should’ve started CPS reform by firing her pick to oversee the agency, Clarence Carter, but she hasn’t, a troubling indicator of Brewer's weakness here.

Brewer's move to capture CPS into the Governor’s office, and grant herself exclusive authority to appoint the director, ending Senate confirmation and participation by the minority, harms the public interest for democratic checks and balances. Certainly the legislature has also failed to protect Arizona's most vulnerable kids, but Arizonans may suffer more cronyism with CPS run from the Governor’s office with less oversight and transparency.

An executive branch usurpation is an executive branch usurpation, no matter their political party. Governors always want more power. But power grabs seldom benefit the common good long term.

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