Thursday, January 16, 2014

People want AZ lawmakers to stand strong for fair, clean elections

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX -- Action alert today from Arizona Advocacy Network: Send this message to Democratic State Lawmakers now: 

After the last minute passage of HB2305 during the 2013 session, I currently don't believe Republican lawmakers will keep their word on any deals and neither should you. I have four respectful requests that will help you, me and the Arizona Progressive Community succeed this year:

1. Oppose Reps. Mesnard's and Boyer's attempt to refer anti-Clean Elections measures to the ballot. A deal was made in 2012 and they dishonor the parties and the Centennial Legislature that struck the compromise with citizen groups.

2. Support legislation that strengthens Clean Elections if introduced. Push for a committee hearing and passage.

3. Oppose any "HB2593 fix" to block an emergency clause. You and I need this for negotiating during the last hours of the session to ensure any compromises on legislation are honored.

4. Oppose the repeal of HB2305. We turned in over 154,000 signatures so voters could decide whether these anti-voter laws should take effect and possibly voter protect these provisions from passing again. Republicans are likely to pass portions of the law that will hurt voters and turnout on Election Day if they successfully repeal HB2305.

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