Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Nevada Dream Tag tickets available now

LAS VEGAS -- While the big game application process may not start for a while, you can definitely scratch that itch by buying chances for the hunt of a lifetime with the Nevada dream tag raffle, in cooperation with the Nevada Department of Wildlife.

Five dream tags will be awarded in 2015 (elk, California bighorn sheep, desert bighorn sheep, antelope and mule deer). All that is required to get started in the raffle is to first purchase a Resource Enhancement Stamp for $10. Once you have your stamp, you can purchase an unlimited number of raffle tickets for each species available for only $5 each. You can purchase both the stamp and the raffle tickets at NVDreamTag.org

The Nevada dream tag program is a raffle that allows resident and nonresident sportsmen a chance at the hunt of a lifetime while also contributing to Nevada’s wildlife habitat. The tags are similar to other western states’ raffle tags and “hunt of a lifetime” tags. One of the best aspects of this raffle is the ability to purchase tickets for your family and friends. Anyone can go online and purchase his or her favorite hunter chances at the hunt of a lifetime any special occasion.

In only two years, the Nevada dream tag program has been able to donate a total of $324,200 to habitat projects.

For those not interested in hunting, the Resource Enhancement Stamp can be purchased by anyone that wants to contribute to the preservation, protection, management and restoration of wildlife and habitat.

Tickets for the dream tag raffle are available now and will be sold until June 30 for this year’s hunting season. The winners will be announced in early July.

- adapted from EDFP

Monday, January 26, 2015

Report on 1st ever Nevada Progressive Summit

Dawson Building at NSC, site of summit.
HENDERSON, Nev. -- Nevada progressives (aka 'liberals', not a bad word) gathered at Nevada State College southeast of Las Vegas on January 24 for a wide-ranging political summit and exchange of ideas. The event was well attended by activists and politicians from the mid-left to left.

I met some good people and I came away from the event feeling better. I salute the hard work of Annette Magnus and ProgressNow Nevada to organize the summit. It was also great to see Bob Fulkerson, Astrid Silva and the strong crew from PLANevada there.

I attended a session on public lands moderated by Reno City Councilman David Bobzien. The panel featured mostly good messaging on keeping public lands public, but no talk of the challenge for progressives in Nevada of our own promotion of sometimes questionable, highly-compromised BLM public lands and wilderness bills. I mostly support the efforts of activists on this panel, but this issue has been a concern for a long time and deserves more discussion. How low should Friends of Nevada Wilderness and others go in the quest to win more wilderness and national monument designations? Is there a clear line we shouldn't cross? Can we agree on that line? How can we maintain credibility and protect public lands if we keep supporting political moves to privatize public lands?

At lunch Nevada political reporter Jon Ralston gave a refreshingly good talk which constructively challenged some people there.

I had to leave after lunch for a family responsibility, so my experience was limited. Overall, I thought it was a positive, energetic event, although at times perhaps a bit heavy on the groupthink, which is to be expected.

Some more questions coming out of the summit: Are most Nevada 'progressives' really 'moderates'? Have politics moved that far right? Is the compromise bar too low? Also, do progressives trust government too much? Is this a Democrat-only movement? What more can we do to find common ground with reform-minded activists across the political spectrum, including independents, libertarians, tribes, and even some moderate Republicans?

All the questions I raise here I do so only to stimulate discussion, not as criticisms.

There was much more to the event than I touch on here. See some coverage, photos and views of the Nevada Progressive Summit on twitter at #NevadaSummit. I was glad to participate and I hope to see more events like this in the future in southern Nevada.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Pay attention! The Nevada Legislature starts soon.

Nevada Capitol, Carson City.
CARSON CITY -- The biennial Nevada Legislature goes back to work at the State Capitol on Monday, February 2.

Key issues for the Battle Born State in the 2015 Assembly and Senate will be education, taxes, the public retirement system, teacher unions and more.

It will be very interesting to watch the power dynamics between the new, unpredictable GOP-run legislature, Democratic lawmakers and publicly-popular Governor Brian Sandoval.

Good luck to all. Please work together to help Nevada's education, economy, jobs, and quality of life.

Pay attention, good people, and be in touch with your lawmakers. They work for you and they need to hear from you!

Monday, January 05, 2015

Daniel R. Patterson resume: energy, environment, government, natural resources, public lands, wildlife, water, communications, education, media, PR, community, labor, hospitality, public service, planning, politics, etc.

Mr. Patterson talking policy on TV news in Las Vegas, 12/14
Daniel R. Patterson | Las Vegas, Nevada | 702.381.3475 | roundriver@gmail.com

Volunteer, US Interior/National Park Service, Lake Mead NRA, Boulder City NV, AZ (2015-now)
• Recreation/resources management & monitoring; visitor education, interpretation & outreach.
Ecologist & Deserts Director, Center for Biological Diversity, NV, CA, AZ, UT (1996-2006, 2014)
• Protected fish, wildlife and health through science, policy, education, media, law and cooperation.
• Managed and directed staff. Work with tribes. Helped triple membership, staff and budgets.
Southwest Director, Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, Tucson AZ (2006-2014)
• Helped employees and retirees for conservation; director of all media work and programs in AZ, NM, UT & NV.
Events Professional, IATSE Local 415, Tucson (2013-14)
• Supported events reliably for trade shows, exhibitions and the entertainment industry.
Volunteer, US Interior Dept./FWS, Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge, Sasabe AZ (2014)
• Assisted USFWS on education, outreach, conservation, recreation, restoration & monitoring.
Letter Carrier, US Postal Service, Tucson (2013)
• Served people and business through friendly, dedicated professional service.
State Lawmaker, Arizona Legislature, Tucson/Phoenix AZ (2008-12)
• Elected/re-elected to represent Tucson/Pima. Ranking Member, Energy & Natural Resources.
• Listened with independent mind to all. Collaborated for public interest. Served constituents.
Fellow, US State Dept./American Council of Young Political Leaders, Washington DC (2011)
• Represented Arizona on political, business and cultural diplomacy tour across Argentina.
Western Legislative Academy, Council of State Governments, Colorado Springs CO (2010)
• Selected for prestigious policy and communications leadership training for state lawmakers.
Planning Commissioner, City of Tucson, Tucson (2005-08)
• Appointed by Mayor & Council to make policy on growth, parks, water, land & transportation.
Congressional Advisor, U.S. House of Representatives, Tucson/Washington DC (2002-09)
• Advised US Rep. Grijalva & staff on some energy, water & natural resources issues and policies. 
Board Member, Pima County Board of Adjustment, Tucson (2007-08)
• Appointed by County Supervisors to hear and settle community land use disputes.
Political Leadership Fellow, Center for Progressive Leadership, Phoenix (2008)
• Trained to organize and direct effective, diverse political, advocacy and media campaigns.
Professional Ecologist, Round River Ecological Services, San Diego CA (1996-98)
• Designed and implemented landscape restoration to help people and wildlife.
• Monitored and surveyed for rare wildlife in the Sonoran and Mojave Deserts.
Natural Resources Specialist, US Interior Dept./BLM (ECO), Barstow CA (1995-96)
• Coordinated multiple-use projects with public, stakeholders and other agencies.
• Cooperated on CWA, NEPA, FLPMA, CAA, NHPA, ESA and state & local law compliance.
• Directed work crews, project funds, planning, media and community/partner relations.
Corporate Accounts Manager, Pattco Properties, Lansing MI (1988-94)
• Recruited and managed business accounts; sales. Worked in successful family business.

Michigan State University, East Lansing MI (1990-94)
• Resource Development, B.S., Agriculture & Natural Resources Communications, B.S.
• Worked in Botany Dept. on restoration. Popular radio host on WDBM-FM

Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, Co-Founder, Arizona Chapter, Tucson (2013-now)
• Collaborating with sportsmen conservationists on new voice for wildlife management. 
Foundation for Inter-Cultural Dialogue, Ambassador, Tucson (2009)
• Selected to help represent Arizona Legislature on diplomatic tour of Turkey.
Santa Rita Park Neighborhood Association, President, Tucson (2000-08)
• Cooperated with neighbors, city, community and business for barrio planning and quality of life.
BICAS (Bicycle Inter-Community Art & Salvage), Board Member, Tucson (1998-2003)
• Supported diverse community and youth involvement in art, bicycling, air quality & education.
Sierra Club-Rincon Group, Conservation Chair & Exec. Committee, Tucson (2001-02)
• Represented thousands on Southern Arizona conservation and community issues.
Desert Restoration Task Force, Ecologist, fed & state/private, AZ, CA, NV, UT (1995-98)
• Prioritized landscape-scale restoration based on science, community & economy; founder.
Desert Protective Council, Board Member, San Diego (1996-98)
• Raised funds and directed conservation relations in the Sonoran and Mojave Deserts.
Desert Tortoise Council, Co-Chair, Board of Directors, AZ, CA, UT, NV (1996-98)
• Represented science-based group in regional land use and wildlife recovery planning.
Tucson-Pima County Bicycle Advisory Council, Co-Chair, Tucson (1994-95)
• Appointed to advise city and county governments on transportation and air quality solutions.

Available on request.