Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Pederson can win! Tucson Prec. 46 turnout 'good'

TUCSON -- UPDATE, Nov 7, 6:50pm: Worked the polls today for fairness. Worked the streets to get out the vote. Election workers in my part of Pima County south of downtown Tucson said turnout was 'good, above average.' Could be a big night to party for AZ dems.

TUCSON, Nov 3 -- Great rally last night with over 10,000 strong at Reid Park with Bill Clinton, Jim Pederson, Gabrielle Giffords, Raul Grijalva, Janet Napolitano, and Richard Elias. Lots of energy for change in the air.

Jim Pederson is especially close to knocking out bad guy Kyl. He needs your vote!

Check out my voting guide.

is the last day to mail your vote-by-mail ballot.

is the day to vote at the polls. Check out all the signs I made yesterday!

Call 512.0012 (Giffords) or 629.0050 (Grijalva) to help get out the vote.


azwildcat88 said...

Great Rally!
Check out the vid, not very professional but what the hell, of the rally:

Pederson Rally

azwildcat88 said...


Jeneiene said...

It was a great rally! Even our four year old sat nicely through it. What a treat to see President Clinton. Great speaker and very classy and intelligent. I liked one shirt in the crowd: "I miss Bill". I do too.

Anonymous said...

yes very classy and intelligent, nailing that intern in the white house.

jeneiene said...

What Clinton does in his private life is his business. Remember the oft-repeated quote these days:

"When Clinton lied nobody died".

Anonymous said...

When I went to Catholic school the nuns would never speak of sinful matters. Why do these pseudo-Christians keep harping on Clinton's private life in detail? Do they get their jollies from talking about it ad infinitum?