Thursday, December 21, 2006

Give your phone rare wild animal sounds, for free

TUCSON -- Why should your cell phone sound like everyone else’s? Personalize your cell phone with the fascinating sounds of rare and endangered wildlife calls. Now your phone can come alive with the croaks, chirps and songs of endangered species.

The Tucson-based Center for Biological Diversity offers you ringtones of rare and endangered animals, a collection of high-quality, authentic sounds of some of the world’s most threatened birds, owls, frogs, toads and marine mammals. Download their haunting hoots, sensational songs and crazy croaks to your cell phone, for free.

You can now set your cell phone ringer to the amazing and intriguing calls of the Blue-throated Macaw, Beluga Whale, Boreal Owl, Mountain Yellow-legged Frog, Yosemite Toad, or any one of over forty other endangered critters. Download the sounds of endangered species in your area or from around the world.

-- from CBD

My personal favorites are the Western Burrowing Owl, Black Toad, and Rio Grande Leopard Frog, all found in the southwest.


Jeneiene said...

Yeah, this is pretty cool alright and I also like the rio grande frog sound and tried to get it on my phone.

However, it you are not a Verizon user, it is a veeerrrrry complicated affair getting the sound on your cel. I still can't figure it out.

From a marketing standpoint standpoint, and from the viewpoint of a fundraiser/marketer myself, this gimmick for the Center for Biodiversity has got to be fast and easy to use otherwise it will fail and word of mouth will be negative.

Anonymous said...

are you sure that they are real and not doctored sounds? with the cbd, you can never be too sure.