Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday in the wild southwest, after the hunt

Blue Range wild

UPDATE, 10/25: AZ Republic editorial on non-lead shot.

ALPINE AZ -- Today, after the good hunt, I mostly just chilled out and caught up on communications.

It was a nice sunny warm afternoon so I took a short road trip to Reserve NM. Reserve is known as a long-time hot bed of anti-environmentalism, but everyone was real nice to me. I'm sure my camo hat and snap-button cowboy shirt helped.

Not much happening in that Catron County town, but I had a beer in the only bar and talked with Buddy. Despite several prominent 'no smoking' signs, people smoked at the bar. I went outside.

Tonight is the last for me this trip at the Blue River Retreat (thanks, Hoffmans). It was a special experience exploring, hiking and hunting the Blue, Black, Campbell Blue, and San Francisco Rivers and other public lands in the Apache National Forest.

Back to Tucson with the dog tomorrow.

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Jeneiene said...

Thanks also from Ruby and me! We had a great weekend trip at your retreat. And, I want to give the Hoffmans a flash-back shout out to 1998 when myself and other volunteers with Sky Island Alliance camped out at your place. I also have memories of Reserve, NM from that same year. It's when a bunch of us activists showed up with the Center for Biological Diversity to make a stand for the re-intoduced wolves at the wolf hearings. Yeah, we were mighty scared then. After the hearings we road our cars the hell of there. Another special shout out to Stephanie Buffum for her awesome wolf costume, and to Scotty Johnson, who when he took the mike to make his statement to audience, let out a bitchin howl.

Congrats on bagging that bird, hubby. What a good provider you are!