Friday, November 02, 2007

Patterson for AZ House fund raising going strong

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UPDATE, 12/5: Now up to 92% of early campaign money raised.

Some words of praise. Thanks.

"...I can attest to the fact that Daniel is a strong and resounding voice for all of us who live here. He refuses to placate the developers taking advantage of the supposed future of Rio Nuevo, and asks vital questions. Daniel is at every neighborhood meeting, even when it's an adjoining neighborhood meeting, and he was active long before he announced his candidacy for state representative. Daniel is also one of the few individuals in the community who has consistently volunteered in my fifth-grade classroom. He has facilitated many wonderful discussions on the environment and the issues of growth in Tucson and the Sonoran Desert. Daniel cares about children and the future issues they may face." Mary C. Rogers, TUSD teacher and LD29 voter, Tucson Weekly

“Daniel Patterson has leadership experience and a true commitment on issues that concern all of us. It is seldom that we are so fortunate to have such a strong candidate as Daniel,” says Elaine Richardson, retired Arizona Senator and Gov. Napolitano cabinet member. “Daniel is an intelligent, hard-working man. He will bring positive values to the Legislature and serve his constituents and the State of Arizona well. Daniel Patterson will help change the tone at the State Capitol. He will serve the public interest, not special interests.”

"The first to file was Daniel Patterson, ...the southwest director of Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility. Patterson, who runs a left-leaning blog, is fiercely protective of the environment..." Tucson Weekly


UPDATE, 11/9: We are now up to 65% of early money raised, in just over a month.

UPDATE, 11/2: I'm happy to report my campaign for Arizona House has now raised 50% of permitted early funds in less than a month.

Big thanks to my diverse group of supporters.


TUCSON, 10/22 -- I'm happy to report that my campaign for Arizona House of Representatives has already raised 33% of allowed early money just two weeks since my Oct 5 filing.

Big thanks to my diverse group of supporters!

Until I reach the max amount allowed, I am asking for donations of $130 per person or less.

Please send money to Daniel Patterson for Arizona House, POB 172, Tucson AZ 85702. To be legal, please be sure to include your name, address, phone, email, occupation and employer. These donations are allowed as a part of Arizona's Clean Elections System, which I am participating in.


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