Friday, October 12, 2007

Patterson in to win: AZ House of Reps. (D-LD29)

Arizona State Capitol, Phoenix

"Unlike everyone else these days, Patterson isn't exploring — he's actually in." Arizona Daily Star, Political Notebook, 10/6

UPDATE, 11/9: Fund raising going strong.

Oct 5, TUCSON -- Last night I spoke with Democratic activists and PCs in Legislative District 29.

Today I filed my statement of organization with the Secretary of State to form the Daniel Patterson for Arizona House campaign committee.

I am running on a quality of life platform to improve health care, schools, jobs, transportation, environment and water security.

Elaine Richardson, retired State Senator and former member of Gov. Napolitano's cabinet, is my Hon. Campaign Chairwoman.

Today's action means I'm in the race, and allows me to accept early donations of up to $130 per person.

I ask for your support of my race to help reclaim the Arizona Legislature for the public-interest, and win a Democratic majority.

Please send donations to: Patterson for AZ House, POB 172, Tucson AZ 85702, with your full name, address, phone/email, occupation and employer -- this info is required by law.

I will be participating in Arizona's Clean Elections system.


Sky Jacobs said...

Great news! Our state government needs all the help it can get... I'll be sending a donation soon.

Sky Jacobs

Brian Ertz said...

Glad to hear it ! Give 'em hell Daniel !

x4mr said...


Good luck and Godspeed. My email is at my blog profile. Add me to your list.

I live in LD 28, but you have my support.