Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lax enforcement causing more bike & ped deaths

Please don't kill us

TUCSON -- Every year more cyclists and pedestrians are run down and killed on Tucson's streets, and lax enforcement has long been a big part of the problem.

Despite calls for reform, in most cases Tucson police do not even ticket drivers, even when they kill someone. Reckless motorists know this and are not as careful as they should be. Police themselves often drive dangerously around pedestrians and cyclists.

Until cops stop apologizing for reckless drivers, and get serious about protecting cyclists and pedestrians, Tucson has not earned the bike-friendly platinum rating, and maybe should be dropped from gold.

Arizona needs stronger laws to protect and give the right of way to cyclists and pedestrians in most situations, and I will press for these improvements when elected to the State House.

People walking or riding for personal and environmental health reduce traffic and help us all, so give them a brake.

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Jeneiene said...

Exactly. How many times do we have to read in the papers about another bike or pedestrian car-related death and NO citation being issued. Seriously, what is up with THAT?